• IoT Security Dangers Loom as Office Workers Return

    Researchers: Home and Office Connected Devices Vulnerable to AttackWith corporate America beginning to ask employees to come back to their offices in the fall, cybersecurity teams have a huge task before them to ensure their work environment is safe. This is particularly true of IoT devices, as many have been left unprotected for months.

  • Live Webinar | Protecting Yourself From Your Supply Chain: A CISO Panel on Email Security
  • Is Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware Due for a Comeback?

    If Ransomware Should Decline as a Viable Criminal Business Model, What Comes Next?The world is now focused on ransomware, perhaps more so than any previous cybersecurity threat in history. But if the viability of ransomware as a criminal business model should decline, expect those attackers to quickly embrace something else, such as illicitly mining for cryptocurrency.

  • World Leaders Included on Alleged Spyware Targeting List

    NSO Group Refutes Alleged Targeting List - But How Does It Know Customers' Targets?Can NSO Group and other commercial spyware vendors survive the latest revelations into how their tools get used? The Israeli firm is again being accused of selling spyware to repressive regimes, facilitating the surveillance of journalists, political opponents, business executives and even world leaders.

  • Has REvil Disbanded? White House Says It Doesn't Know

    Speculation Rages as Notorious Ransomware Operation Remains Quiet and OfflineWhat's up with REvil? Questions have been mounting since the notorious ransomware operation went quiet on July 13, not long after unleashing a mega-attack via remote management software vendor Kaseya's software. The Biden administration has welcomed REvil's online shutdown but says it doesn't know the cause.

  • Analysis: Changing Nature of Ransomware Attacks

    This edition of the ISMG Security Report features an analysis of comments from the former head of Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency, Robert Hannigan, on the changing nature of ransomware attacks. Also featured: Disrupting the ransomware-as-a-service business model; supply chain security management tips.

  • Overcoming Cyberthreat Intelligence-Sharing Hurdles

    While some organizations are improving their ability to share threat intelligence with other entities within the same sector, cross-sector cyber info collaboration is still often a hurdle. But cyber fusion centers can help to automate that process, say Errol Weiss of the H-ISAC and Anuj Goel of Cyware.