• Senators Draft a Federal Breach Notification Bill

    Bipartisan Legislation Would Require Notifying CISA Within 24 Hours of a Breach DiscoveryA bipartisan group of senators is circulating a draft of a federal breach notification bill that would require federal agencies, federal contractors and businesses that have oversight over critical infrastructure to report significant cyberthreats to CISA within 24 hours of discovery.

  • Live Webinar | Zero Trusts Given- Harnessing the Value of the Strategy
  • 'Fear' Likely Drove Avaddon's Exit From Ransomware Fray

    Leading Industrial Nations Call on Moscow to Crack Down on Domestic CybercriminalsBased on Russian-language cybercrime chatter, "fear" likely drove the lucrative Avaddon ransomware-as-a-service operation to announce its retirement as the U.S. exerts increasing diplomatic pressure on Moscow to disrupt such activity, experts say. But are criminals simply laying low until the heat dies down?

  • In Ransomware Battle, Bitcoin May Actually Be an Ally

    Webs of Criminality Are Recorded on Bitcoin's BlockchainBitcoin has enabled fast payments to cybercriminals pushing ransomware. How to deal with bitcoin is the subject of a spirited debate, with some arguing to restrict it. But bitcoin doesn't always favor cybercriminals, and it may actually be more of an ally than a foe by revealing webs of criminality.

  • Law Enforcement's Cybercrime Honeypot Maneuvers Paying Off

    Closing EncroChat and Sky, Plus Careful Word-of-Mouth Management, Drove Anom UptakeThe global law enforcement "Anom" honeypot operation racked up impressive statistics for the number of criminals tricked into using the encrypted communications service. Psychology was at play: Officials say users flocked to the service after they disrupted rivals EncroChat and Sky Global.

  • Cybersecurity Insurance: Has It's Time Come?

    As the cyberthreat landscape grows exponentially more complicated, the insurance industry is trying to keep pace. Yet, many organizations still lack cybersecurity insurance. Lynn Peachey, director of business development at Arete Incident Response, breaks down the basics of these insurance policies.

  • The National Security Threat of Narcissism

    Society has become increasingly isolated and disintegrated, leaving us vulnerable to exploitation by our adversaries. Enemies can easily take advantage of this lack of cohesion to sow seeds of misinformation and disinformation. Elisabeth Braw elaborates on the threat of narcissism.