• Biden Inauguration: Defending Against Cyberthreats

    Experts Warn of an Elevated Risk of Attack From Domestic, Foreign ActorsAs thousands of National Guard troops pour into Washington to provide security for the Jan. 20 inauguration of Joe Biden as president, cybersecurity analysts are calling attention to the need to defend against cyber incidents as well.

  • Securing the "New Tomorrow" in Financial Services
  • Cybersecurity: A Bleak 'Progress' Report

    SolarWinds' Hack Prompts an Assessment of the Work That Still Needs to Be DoneIn light of the widespread apparent impact of the hack of SolarWinds' network management tools, it's time for a frank assessment of the lack of cybersecurity progress in recent years. Consider a "60 Minutes" report from 2015 - and where we're at today.

  • Target Selection: SolarWinds' Orion 'Big Fish' Most at Risk

    Suspected Cyberespionage Operators Likely Only Hacked the Juiciest of TargetsFollowing the discovery that attackers Trojanized SolarWinds' Orion software, expect the list of organizations that were running the backdoored network-monitoring tool to keep increasing. But with this being a suspected cyberespionage operation, attackers likely focused on only the juiciest targets.

  • SolarWinds Hack: Is NSA Doing the Same to Russia?

    Espionage Operations Demand a Different Policy Response to Damaging CyberattacksIn light of calls from some quarters for the U.S. to launch online attacks in reprisal for the SolarWinds supply chain campaign - allegedly carried out by Russia's foreign intelligence service - it's time to pause and remember: Spies are going to spy.

  • Why Facebook's Diem is 'a Shadow of Libra'

    Facebook's relaunch and rebrand of its Libra digital payment initiative as Diem is seen by some as a shadow of its former self. Financial services commentator Chris Skinner explains why state governments and AML concerns are to blame.

  • Securing the New 'Branch Office'

    The "remote workforce" of 2020 is gone. Now we're talking about the new, permanent "branch office" - and it comes with its own unique set of cybersecurity concerns, says Derek Manky of FortiGuard Labs. He discusses new social engineering trends and how to respond.